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How to delete your skype account

how to delete your skype account

With that in mind, permanently deleting a Skype account is a multi-step process so you'll typically need to remove payment methods, cancel. This method will not delete your account, or even change your Skype account name, but it will remove your. To delete your account from the login screen, close Skype, and click on your computer's Start. Skype recommends removing all personal information from your account as a first measure to deactivating it. Apple How to IM iPad iPhone iPod Touch Messaging Microsoft Skype Tips Tutorial VoIP. All mentioned trademarks on this page, are registered to their respective authors. This will prevent anyone from being able to use this information to find your Skype account. Log in to your account on the Skype website see Resources for a link and delete all of striking match personal information, like your name, phone number and location from your profile.


How to delete your skype account permanently - 2017

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